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Meet the Advisory Committee

Full Governing Body - Vacancies

We have no vacancies at present.

Please read the following for guidance on what being a governor at the school entails.


The Advisory Committee at Longford Park School meets once a term. Committee members serve a four year term of office and may seek to be re-appointed. Parents have the opportunity to stand for election as a parent councillor and so become involved in the running of the school. The Advisory Committee is also made up from a representative from the Local Authority, Staff Members and other Co-opted members from the wider community and businesses. 

Each school's Advisory Committee performs the role of a sub-committee of the Board of Directors.

They do not have the legal powers or accountability maintained school Governing Bodies have, but their roles are similar.

The Advisory Committees:

  • Hold the Head/Head of Schools to account
  • Look after the interests of the children in the school
  • Understand the standards in the school and report to directors
  • Make sure the school is keeping the children safe
  • Understand the school community and its needs
  • Help the school appoint staff
  • They are responsible for ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of each of our schools and for overseeing the individual schools' development in areas such as curriculum, pupil progress and standards.

The Committee members have a general responsibility for monitoring the setting and delivery of the curriculum to the pupils as required by the Board of Directors (BOD). The Advisory Committee will monitor the preparation and implementation of the academy’s policies to deliver the curriculum.  The progress of pupils will be monitored by the committee. This will be done annually by scrutinising the reports produced for each subject area and for the academy as a whole. 
The Advisory Committee is part of the school partnership ethos at Longford Park School which works voluntarily for the good of the school with the interests of the pupils as paramount.
Members of the Advisory Committee are:-

All enquiries should be made to the Chair of Governors for attention at the school postal address or by email to longford.admin@trafford.gov.uk

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