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Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic Intervention Room

Our Therapeutic Intervention room accommodates children that are finding it difficult to control their emotions in class. The intervention sessions have helped children manage stress and anxiety while improving their concentration, focus and listening skills. Therapeutic interventions improve the children's creativity and imagination whilst building up their confidence and self-esteem.

The environment is relaxed, a method which helps release endorphins helping the children feel happy and positive. We help the children relax their muscles and calm the nervous system. Our techniques calm the children's minds and sharpens concentration and memory retention which helps them focus. Our method of relaxation stimulates the imagination and so encourages self-expression and self-confidence.


Mindfulness Rooms

Longford Park School has two mindfulness rooms which are equipped with the technology and furnishings to create a calming space. Children are able to access these rooms when they find themselves becoming over stimulated or dysregulated throughout the school day. This 'safe space' enables the children to take the time they need to process their emotions either self-reflectively or most commonly, with the support of a trusted adult. The lighting and music can be altered to suit the individual's preference creating a truly personalised space. 


Play Therapy

Play therapy is a form of counselling or psychotherapy that uses play to communicate with and help people, especially children, to prevent or resolve psychosocial challenges. This helps towards better social integration, growth and development, emotional modulation, and trauma resolution. Children engage in play in order to work through their anxieties.



Many of our children receive mentoring from one of our trained counsellors, including Dave Higgs who also supports the wider family. Mentoring is used to support and encourage children to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and achieve their ambitions for their future.


Counselling Sessions

In school we have several trained counsellors. Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment.

Our counsellors are trained to listen with empathy. They can help our children deal with any negative thoughts and feelings they have.


Lego Therapy
LEGO based therapy is a social development programme which helps children and young people with social communication difficulties. The programme is based on the highly structured, systematic and predictable nature of LEGO play which makes it appealing to children with social communication difficulties who are particularly attracted to systems.

Much more than simply playing with LEGO bricks, LEGO therapy includes the presence of a therapist who guides the children and encourages them to address and resolve their problems. Through LEGO therapy, children can learn to communicate with others, express their feelings, change their behaviour, develop problem-solving skills and develop a relationship with the world around them.


Outdoor Learning

Being outdoors and surrounded by nature has proven benefits to a person's wellbeing and mental health. At Longford Park, we promote learning outdoors across the curriculum and have invested in the relevant resources and equipment required to ensure these are purposeful and provide the children with positive, memorable learning experiences. Additionally, school is fortunate to be situated right next door to Longford Park itself where children can explore the outdoors and nature with familiar adults. Mr Broomhead is currently our outdoor learning lead.  



We have trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) in school who are available to support pupils across the school with social skills, emotions, bereavement, social stories and therapeutic stories, anger management, self-esteem and friendships. Our ELSAs also provide guidance to the whole staff team around various topical issues and can support specific pupils who may be identifed as needing some additional support. 


Sensory Processing Support

As a school, we are very aware of the impact sensory sensitivities can have on a child's ability to engage with their learning. All staff access regular training relating to sensory processing difficulties and each class is equipped with a range of sensory tools which children can use as needed. In addition to this, some children have their own sensory toolkits which include sensory tools specifically related to their needs, following a sensory assessment. The value of heavy muscle work is also recognised in school, with time allocated for identified children to access sensory circuits or activities detailed in their personal sensory support plan. 



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