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Play to Learn

Play to Learn (P2L)

P2L sessions started several years ago and have proved very popular with both pupils and staff.  The idea behind P2L was to create an academic learning environment in the hall rather than being class based.  The aim is to learn key skills whilst undertaking a physical activity. 


Play to Learn provides a different learning method that may appeal to children who struggle in a traditional classroom setting.


Why using a physical activity works for us:-


  • Young children are active learners who enjoy learning through play and physical activities
  • Children’s physical skills are developed holistically across all areas of learning.  There are many opportunities for children to develop skills, knowledge and understanding within the areas of learning
  • Problems with/concerns over a child’s physical development can be an indication that the child may have some learning difficulties
  • Some children will be physically more skilful before others, it is important to observe children’s skills and consider individual needs
  • As children progress through the Foundation phase and become more confident, improvement in coordination of gross and fine movements will continue and new skills will be learned
  • Due to their contribution to a child’s health, fitness and safety

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