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At Longford Park the curriculum is designed to recognise children’s existing knowledge. Within Maths lessons, pupils will evidence their previous learning through their ability to move through the Maths pictorial, concrete and abstract methods.

From their starting point, pupil’s progress will be evident over time through at least three Maths lessons delivered and recorded per week.

Through planning, pupils are given the opportunity to consistently relate back to previous learning related to their current topic.

Through carefully considered and personalised first hand learning experiences, we will allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.


Pupils' maths books reflect the ability range within the class as pupils may be working on different National Curriculum objectives. Inclusion and pupil voice is paramount to lessons here.

Books also evidence that the calculation policy is being followed. This includes the process of teaching calculation in the pictorial, concrete and abstract way. All books evidence toolkits being used to show a list of success criteria the pupil needs to follow in order to achieve the learning objective. These are steps to success to help the pupil understand what they need


Ongoing assessment will help teachers to make decisions about next steps for pupils. Pupils will complete a formative maths assessment at the end of each term, to inform termly assessments made by teachers.

Practical resources will be used to aid pupils, who may prefer a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic approach to their learning.


By engaging and inspiring pupils in this way, it will inspire pupils to make connections to how maths is used in every-day life. Pupils will be encouraged to use their problem-solving skills so that they understand the skills they will need to use in their every-day lives.

Maths Curriculum Guide

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