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Pictor Acadmey

Ethos & Values

Longford Park School supports its students and their families across the crucial primary years of schooling. 

We offer structure and security through teaching matched to the abilities of our pupils. Many of the pupils need to experience success and praise. We envelop the children in a ‘can do’ ethos and provide an environment where our school motto is embraced by all -
“Our children believe in themselves, and belong in a strong community, everyone is empowered to become the best they can be”.
Our staff nurture through consistency. Our pupils flourish as they feel safe and valued. Rewards and praise feed through the school from the morning greetings to the end of week awards assembly. All pupils are nourished through breakfast clubs, therapeutic interventions and curriculum opportunities. All carers and parents are involved in the education of their children and communicated with on a daily basis. We value education as the best way for children to thrive in the future and we cultivate a moral compass to advance them upward through the rest of their lives.
Every individual is valued. Bullying is tackled; racism and every branch of equality is met head on with education. The staff act as role models and embrace the crucial role they can play in positively affecting the lives of the children we educate. From Head Teacher to caretaker, Parent Partner to cleaner all are committed to cultivating opportunities for the pupils to show their positive colours . We instil pride in our children through enjoyment and achievement. We strive to give every child a leg up, so they can leave Longford Park School more at ease with themselves and more able to blossom in the future.

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