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Pictor Acadmey

Packages and Services

Details of all our services, what packages we can offer with prices.

Our packages run for the academic year, starting in September and our services are available and delivered over 32 weeks of the year.

These all-inclusive packages will be bespoke to your school and needs.  Our Team will consult with you and devise a plan to encompass support from the range of services on offer, making sure you receive best value for the number of hours support you purchase.

All Inclusive Packages Price
(Prices quoted are for mainstream schools within Trafford, packages sold to academies and those out of borough are subject to an insurance supplement charge).  Please contact the team for details and confirmation of price.


GOLD ^Up to 80 hrs £5,517
SILVER  ^Up to 50 hrs £3,972
BRONZE  ^Up to 20 hrs £1,894
CBT for 1 client £1,894
*BOLT ON ^Up to 10 hrs £1,238



1 Day Consultancy/Audit/Report     £364
*Therapeutic Short Intensive Programme     £667.50

 *This therapeutic support may be purchased separately or can be included as part of your

Gold/Silver/Bronze package.  Our therapeutic interventions are designed to improve academic standards, prevent school exclusions, improve attendance and develop your understanding of behavioural issues.   We are happy to discuss your needs.

More information on some of our Services


 · Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (C.B.T.)
      — Promoted by the NHS to improve access to professional Mental Health Support to tackle issues such as anxiety, depression, behaviour disorders and phobias.

· Parenting Course
      — For groups or individual parents to strengthen their ability to support children and improve their well-being and behaviour.  Our practice is based on The Incredible Years—Webster-Stratton Programme.

· Brief Solutions Focus Therapy
 — For children stuck in a spiral of negativity, this approach enables children to work through    issues using reflecting and refocusing techniques.

· Therapeutic Support
— Anger Management / Counselling / Restorative Practice / Anti Bullying / Lego


Traditional Outreach Support

  • Teacher advice / NQT

  • Professional support in meetings

  • Advice & guidance on I.B.P’s, P.S.P’s & Agency Meetings

  • Guidance on behaviour management

  • Telephone support/helpdesk

  • Direct work with pupils

  • Parental Engagement

  • Workshops
    Anger Management
    Circle Time
    Diffusion, de-escalation and positive talk
    Staff Support for N.Q.T. / T.A. / M.D.A.

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